Virtual Reality is something that allows everyone to experience the impossible. Virtual Reality is the term used to describe a three-dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted by a person. Therefore we can define Virtual Reality, as something that helps to manipulate and explore the user.

VR is a new and exciting technology which has completely changed the way in which we perceive entertainment and learning. It is mainly experienced through two of the five senses i.e. vision and audio.

What We Do


We always try to provide the best possible experience to the users, for creating magical moments which they will remember for the rest of their lives. From the depths of the oceans to the outer solar system, we'll take you to places you've never thought of going and that too from your own bedroom.


VR Has A Wide Range Of Services Some Of Them Are Mention Below.


Real Estate







Industrial Training




Nowadays real estate professionals are using VR technology to help their clients to visualize their property digitally before the actual construction. This applies on the purchasing side, as well as when leasing properties too. Just by wearing VR headset, a client or a dealer can get the lifelike simulation of that property. Instead of driving around for a day to see couple of properties, real estate investors can see many properties with VR. This also applies to real estate professionals who want to sell a property.  There's no restriction on the quantity of individuals who can see a similar property at one time, potential buyers can see many properties in a small amount of the time.”


It is very helpful for the builder to show the actual construction or the property to the clients so that the clients can experience immersive three-dimensional view of that property and can see the overall detailing about the overall area like carpet area, built-up area and super built-up area.

From The Developer To The Client, VR Helps All To Visualize The Property.

The VR technology also helps the real estate agents to grow their business, attract number of clients and to deliver top level services. Innovative real estate brokers are using VR technology into their marketing strategy to increase selling efficiency.




The VR technology has the potential to change the way of advertising.  Many companies have already adopted this cutting-edge technology for their ads and marketing. Virtual reality ads are so eye-catching and interesting that gives the realistic feel. At Prismart we create the immersive VR videos that increase the brand awareness and encourage customers to make purchases. We always try to provide the best possible experience to the users, to create interesting moments which they will remember for the rest of their lives. Most of the time a person wants the full specification or detailing of any product or thing before having it and so for this we at Prismart give them high end graphics as well as audio, to simulate physical presence in a virtual or imaginary environment. It gives them freedom to see all of the things virtually.​​​​​


The traditional teaching methods can never reach such an effective way of emphasizing things through visualizations where VR transforms abstract and vague concepts into practical settings for the children to understand with clarity.Prismart Virtual Reality is able to provide the educational videos from nursery to engineering even for universities we can made the training videos for teachers and educational videos for the students. Using these interesting videos students can get immersive view of the content.VR has the potential to change the art and entertainment industries, it also has the potential to change the way children learn.


We can make many VR videos based on the historical places for art students like Taj Mahal, India Gate, Carnival of Venice etc. For medical science Prismart provides VR videos with detailed study of the human anatomy and functioning of the machines. We can develop fascinating training videos for many organizations across India. You can explore the depths of the reality and get 3600 views to experience real life things through Prismart VR system that doesn’t happen practically.

Technical and Industrial Traninig


Many peoples have different learning styles like they may be visual, verbal, or physical but the Virtual Reality training takes all learning styles into account.AT Prismart we try to create the exact scenario of training environment that a trainee handles in their real life. This approach is very beneficial for the trainee to understand the things more deeply.Real life practicals does more impact on human brain than the learning by watching, and this is exactly we try to offer at Prismart. The VR headsets with controllers give freedom to the users, take part in a training scenario virtually, rather than just observing it.In Most of the trainings, trainee need a safe place to practice their skills until they are confident  and VR provide this type of environment by letting the trainee practice in a VR 3D environment, like training of operating military tank, training of surgery etc.We can make many Virtual Reality training videos for various fields like, Edutainment, organizations, gaming, healthcare and many more. We develop professional VR training solutions for our clients to help them reduce training costs. 


Prismart engages in creative, thoughtful and fun-filled process of creating games, based solely on Virtual Reality. The major difference between a traditional game and a VR based game is high level of immersion.As soon as the user puts on the Head Mounted Display, he/she is completely submerged in the virtual world. These games are created for people of all age groups so that all of us can enjoy these amazing experiences.We can develop highly interactive, colorful VR based games that have full detailing. They are filled by characters with beautiful animation accompanied together by amazing sound and visual effects.​


It is a new platform for us to show our creative and technical skills. We are currently working on gaze-based games in which user can interact with the environment just by looking at them.The HTC Vive is also another platform in which we have deployed some Virtual Reality Tours and are currently extending our pipeline to created games on this amazing VR tool.



Human anatomy is one the most complicated subject on this planet. It is very hard to fully understand just by reading texts and online papers. To remove this hurdle, PriSmart have come up with an idea of introducing Medical Science in our VR based apps.We can create detailed and true-to-the-facts human anatomy system. In the medical science we can allow all of us to dive deeper into our bodies.It is very helpful in understanding the actual functioning of human body and the organs inside it. Respiration system, circulatory system and all other systems are clearly explained with the role of each organ specified neatly with animations. VR adds another layer of depth to the experience. It is a new and distinctive direction for us to take and which opens up a whole new level of possibilities of exploring and pushing the boundaries of VR based learning.

Business Benefits From Prismart VR

We provide cost and time saving VR training videos for the staff of any organization and that helps to grow business.

  • Virtual Reality reduces the language barriers. Only by visualizing the products any user can understands the details of the products and this approach helps in business growth.

  • We develop interactive VR visualizations that can increase your brand awareness.

  • By giving the attractive videos, we have modified the way of advertising  that are beneficial for the business growth.

  • VR helps in customer buying decisions.


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