Augmented Reality

Prismart provides a trendy technology Augmented reality (AR) that helps to get a deeper understanding with magical experience. Augmented Reality turns the environment around you into a digital interface by placing virtual objects in the real world, in real-time. Augmented Reality can be seen through a wide variety of experiences.


AR blends digital content with the real world. When the device’s camera is scanning a specific marker determined by the Prismart application, it layers the computer generated objects over what is being seen in real time. Markers can be anything from a small image to a real world objects.

What we do

Prismart AR technology enabled application is used to see, feel and interact with the real world objects into Prismart 3D virtual environment.
At Prismart, we give you the flexibility to think beyond your imagination and for this our team works for the best. To make it more realistic we work on all the aspects. We put all effort on detailed work to ensure that the whole flow of work is accurate a

Media of AR

Our Augmented Reality Apps are highly versatile, so it becomes necessary to show these apps to the world in a wide range of media. That is why we have been testing and deploying our apps through a wide variety of mediums. These are:


Real Shoots



3D Models



AR has a wide range of services some of them are mention below.


A child needs an education system that is scalable and wildly entertaining, so Prismart provides an environment that awakens curiosity for learning and makes learning addictive. Your child learning is enhanced when they create and interact with their environment and for this Prismart introducing a trendy technology that helps student to deeper understanding of a complex content with Prismart AR Books and cards.


Learning process with Prismart AR tends a positive long lasting impact on children memory and can unlock untapped potential of them. Taking part in AR assisted studies helps to make the process of learning brighter and engaging and helps them to understand the subject deeper.

Our AR Apps use beautiful animations, colorful themes and incredible sound-effects which is highly appealing to the younger minds. This is a fun way to engage students and reinforce concepts they've seen during class lectures. Using Prismart AR app a child is able to access models on his own device anytime anywhe



Prismart Augmented Reality makes the field of advertising more interactive. We give the best solution to the marketers and advertisers to reach out to the consumers in a totally new ways in an affordable price which is far more immersive than print advertising.

It gives the consumers to look and understand the detailed information of any products with 3600 view of models and impressive tools like Features menu, zoom in/out, sound effects, rotation etc. Prismart can make AR advertising on many fields like: Textiles, Footwear, Retail, Accessories and Jewelry and many more. Prismart AR ads are extremely useful for business owners and can help them to attract more customers using detailed eye-catching advertising.


Nowadays most of the organizations are shifting from traditional manual training to e-learning training solutions. This approach is much effective and cost/time saving for the organization. For this Prismart provides AR training apps that are significantly increases the performance quality and decreases the task time. We can make many training apps for different fields like Universities, Healthcare, Factories, Organizations and many more Industries.
In Healthcare for pharmaceuticals and medical we can make the demonstration videos for drugs and use of the medications. In factories our AR app can demonstrate the overall working process of any machinery to the workers that gives the work flow of that machine, and also we can create augmented print designs etc.




In automation AR works as a boon that incorporates technology to understand the concept of classical experiments. It allows the integration and interaction of several technologies, developing mixed experiments, both real and virtual that is visualized through a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, for the purpose of creating deeper and clearer vision of knowledge.
In the automation sector we can create the AR app that can guide you in all the steps like, a user/employee with 3D animated models learn how to use, control, operate, disassemble or reassemble, that machine parts and many more.

Real Estate

The field of real estate is changing quickly by grasping developments in innovation that make it conceivable to imagine and encounter a property by without really being available physically. This is possible with the help of AR technology. Augmented reality provides great value to the real estate industry at the early stages of a construction project, to the final selling of a property.

It is becoming increasingly popular technology in this industry, as they allow real estate professionals to offer a unique digital experience to the client, that they will remember for the rest of their life.

At Prismart we make real estate AR app that is used by the real estate professional to give an interactive 3D view of site like buildings, flats, apartments, house etc. to the client rather than traditional flat prints.


Why choose Prismart as your AR application development partner

  • Prismart utilize latest techniques to speed up project delivery.

  • Provide best of Augmented Reality apps and installations for Android and Windows.

  • Provides AR apps development solutions at quite affordable rates within your proposed time.

  • At Prismart, we develop effective and innovative augmented reality services with high quality AR solution.

  • Devoted group that works with advancement strategies having a transparent working pattern which gives curves to your vision.

  • We stick with the business standards to cart the best ever solutions that fit the client's requirements along with the business goals and objectives.


  • We provide innovative AR apps development that boosts your brand recognition.

  • Easy to use as well functional apps.

  • Represent the information in an interactive way and support customers to make the right purchase decisions.

  • We develop attractive AR visualizations that can increase your brand awareness.

  • We provide cost and time saving AR training apps for the staff of any organization and that helps to grow business.

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