Prismart boasts of exemplary imagining solutions, conductive management, cutting-edge design & animation technologies. If you wish to experience the benefits of our high quality services, please feel free to partner with us for embarking on your own video venture. Also, we invite you to link up with our studio and enjoy enterprise level services. So, let's team up now! As a full scale 3D animation, gaming and video production company, we welcome specialists in diverse related areas to partner with us and gain synergistic benefits.

Outsourced services

Prismart is interested to take up projects outsourced by both Indian & foreign companies. Any companies willing to outsource their work can tie-up with us. We have all the professionalism to get the work done as per their specifications and within the required deadline. The major kinds of Outsourced projects Prismart is adept at handling are 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Motion graphics, Info-graphics , Real shoot (in India) , Logo animation Mascot creations , VFX Services, e-learning content for playschools, k-12 schools, industries and universities.


Are you in touch with video in any way such as being a video grapher, a cameraman, video equipment rental agency, set designer, scripting, acting, post production or any related field, partner with us. We can benefit from your expertise and compensate you and we can also send work your way through our other channels. Your career becomes 4K HD!

Movies & Toon Series

Prismart has all the needed infrastructure & talent backup to create exceptional Toons, Movies, TV Series, VFX. Our 3D Animation experts employ their skills to infuse all these productions with engaging, audience-stirring special effects. From pre-production to post-production, every step is handled with great attention to details by our team of artists. If any TV Production house, Movie production house, investors etc need to create their own marvelous animated series, Prismart should be their one and only choice. We are ready to partner with them and take their ideas to real creative heights!

On-call services

We respond to on-call requirements from various companies. If your company receives a big animation project for which you require a sturdy backbone of skillful animation artists, you can always reach out to Prismart and hire our team of artists on contractual basis. Prismart artists will then offer you with On-call services, on-site & at your chosen time. This will ensure a smooth flow of work until the completion of your project. Once the project is completed successfully, our artists will relocate back to our office.


If you are a game developer, tie up with us and you can benefit from our expertise in 3D character creation, scene creation and animation as well as visual FX. We can use your gaming programming skills in our sims. It will be a roller coaster ride.

Casual & Learning Game Services

If you are topic expert and wish to present your topic in a more interesting way using animation, we can help you. Conversely, you can make use of our 3D animation and gaming development capabilities to give your topic a superb presentation and benefit commercially. Partnering with us helps both of us.


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